PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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Premiere of ‘The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford’

Ziegfeld Theater. September 18, 2007. By Bennett Marcus

What did you learn from doing this movie?
“I didnít learn shit, really.” —Brad Pitt

Alicia Witt

Has Maddox seen this movie? “No, because itís Daddy being really violent.” —Angelina Jolie

George Clooney

Whatís it like working with Brad Pitt? “The first time you meet Brad, itís like going on a date with a girl. You worry about what youíre going to wear.” —Andrew Dominik, director

Allison Elliot

Are you celebrating your record release here? “This is coincidental. But I love Westerns, and I love Brad Pitt.” —Gloria Estefan

Emilio Estefan

Robin Tunney

Was Jesse James a media sensation like Brad Pitt? “I canít think of anyone better to play him than Brad Pitt, someone that really understands the media, and the manipulation of the media in some cases.” —Garret Dillahunt

Ted Levine

Lara Spencer

Whatís Brad Pitt like on set? “Heís there getting his hands dirty like everyone else. Heís sort of all things; heís got like 50 hours in his day.”
Casey Affleck

party lines image