PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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VH1 Save the Music
10th Anniversary Gala

Lincoln Center. September 20, 2007. By Bennett Marcus

Do you play an instrument? “I play the glockenspiel and the autoharp. But those are little kooky instruments.” —Maria Menounos

Have you had any onstage mishaps? “Iím a little nervous about my dress tonight, but weíll figure it out.” —Miri Ben-Ari (GETTY IMAGES)

Roger Waters (GETTY IMAGES)

Do you have any preperformance rituals? “I like to check that my fly is done up.” —James Blunt (GETTY IMAGES)

Did you play in the school orchestra? “Yeah, it was awful. I played flute. Iím a pianist, not a flautist.” —Vanessa Carlton (GETTY IMAGES)


What did you listen to when you were a kid? “I listened to a lot of classical music and couldnít get enough of it” —Tim Gunn (GETTY IMAGES)

What music do you listen to at home, beside Billyís? “We donít listen to his music at home. We listen to a lot of classical.” —Katie Lee Joel


Do you have any preperformance rituals? “I drink milk, which people stress that Iím not supposed to have before a performance.” —Mya

What responses do you get to your blog? “None. I donít want people to comment. I think thereís too many comments in the world.”

Mike Bloomberg (GETTY IMAGES)

Howís your new album? “I canít express it verbally; you just have to hear it.” —Mariah Carey (GETTY IMAGES)

Quincy Jones (GETTY IMAGES)

Whatís the premise of your new show? “Ben Stein and I are hosting a show to debunk the myth that models are dumb.” Are they? “Oh yes! Some of them are very stupid.” —Mary Alice Stephenson (GETTY IMAGES)

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