PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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Opening of the Metropolitan Opera 2007–2008 Season

Lincoln Center. September 24, 2007. By Tim Murphy

What did you think of the opera, Lucia Di Lammermoor, tonight? “Iím not crazy about these tragic patriarchal love stories.” —Jane Fonda

Mayor Michael Bloomberg

In the opera, Lucia has a “mad scene.” Do you ever have one? “I could easily kill someone with these shoes.” —Cecilia Dean

John McEnroe

Where in Brooklyn do you live? “Fort Greene. But donít tell anybody.” —Cady Huffman

Patty Smyth

Whatís your favorite opera of all time? “Iím a slut for Madame Butterfly” —Tovah Feldshuh

Walter Cronkite

What opera is your life most like? “I hope none, because theyíre all too tragic.” —Willem Dafoe

Mary-Louise Parker

Donít your arms get tired? “In the last 37 years, Iíve conducted 2,500 performances of 85 operas, and my arm is still fine.” —James Levine, conductor

Plácido Domingo

Do you surprise yourself with your sounds? “No, because I rehearse it. But I discovered ululating last year.” —Natalie Dessay, opera singer (AP)

Blythe Danner

Which opera is your life most like? “I donít do opera.” —Bianca Jagger

Deborah Norville

How do you prevent your own “mad scenes”? “Anytime Iíve gotten close to feeling that way, it starts in my knees. I say, ‘Excuse me, Iíve gotta make a phone call.’” —Bob Balaban

Georgette Mosbacher

When was your last “mad scene”? “At Le Cirque last week at a dinner for our opening boutique at Saks.” —Zac Posen

Giada Colagrande

Whoís madder: Lucia or Ahmadinejad? “That guy wouldnít know which end of the button to push if they had any stockpile.” —Morley Safer

Vera Farmiga

Have you ever had a Lucia-like public meltdown? “I donít have public meltdowns. I donít even have private meltdowns.” —Barbara Walters

party lines image