PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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Elton John AIDS Foundation Benefit

Waldorf Astoria. September 25, 2007. By Bennett Marcus

Why are you honoring Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne tonight? “They are such great humanitarians.” —Elton John (GETTY IMAGES)

David Furnish (GETTY IMAGES)

Are you nervous about your award tonight?
“I donít feel that I deserve it. I know Ozzy doesnít.” —Sharon Osbourne
“See, everywhere she speaks for me!”
Ozzy Osbourne
“Shut up.” —Sharon Osbourne (GETTY IMAGES)

Denise Rich (GETTY IMAGES)

What are your goals for tonightís event? “Weíre going to sing songs and make a lot of money.”
k.d. lang (GETTY IMAGES)


Does Elton Johnís house have chinchilla-covered walls? “I didnít see all the parts of the house. You never know whatís hiding in the closets.” —Petra Nemcova (GETTY IMAGES)

Deborah Cox (GETTY IMAGES)

Whoís a bigger diva, you or Elton John? “I think we should go shopping together.” —Susan Lucci (GETTY IMAGES)

David Dinkins (GETTY IMAGES)

Do you have a favorite Elton John song? “‘Tiny Dancer.’ Itís so moving, and Iím a dancer myself.” —Milena Govich (GETTY IMAGES)


Did you ever see Elton John throw a tantrum or anything dramatic? “Iíve seen a documentary where he threw a tantrum, but Iím waiting. Iím hoping maybe tonight, if I really screw it up or something.” —Anderson Cooper (GETTY IMAGES)


Does Elton John wear your clothes? “He came into my Beverly Hills store and bought about 25 suits and then forgot to pick them up. About a year later we figured it out.” —Tommy Hilfiger (GETTY IMAGES)

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