PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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The Recording Academy Tribute

Cipriani Wall Street. September 26, 2007. By Whitney Sparks

West Side Story is being honored tonight. Do you remember the show? “When I was a little boy, we used to play Jets and Sharks. You always wanted to be a Jet. Looking back, I wish I was a Shark.” —Steve Madden


Oleta Adams

Sharks or Jets? “Iím not going there. Iím from New York originally, so I donít want to get myself in trouble. ” —Neil Portnow

Charisse Rose

Donnie McClurkin

Richie Samboraís in rehab. How does that happen? “In that rock-and-roll lifestyle itís like, ‘Woo! Rock and roll! Youíre a rock god! ’ And then itís like, ‘Okay, now you have a drinking problem. And now you have to grow up.’ ” —Melissa Etheridge

Jon Bon Jovi (Getty)

Chita Rivera

You were just in Nanny Diaries. Any bad babysitting experiences? “I was watching a kid one time and he ate a handful of pennies. My mom told me, ‘Donít worry. Itíll come out the other end. ” —Alicia Keys

Brian Stokes Mitchell

What advice do you have for young, struggling musicians? “Weíre all young struggling artists in the music industry. Even my old ass!” —L.A. Reid

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