PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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Maybelline's Book Party for Patrick McMullan's ‘Glamour Girls’

Whitney Museum. September 27, 2007. By Amy Odell

What's your worst celebrity faux pas? “It's always bad when you spit when you talk. One time I spit on Kelly Ripa by accident.” —Patrick McMullan

Tomiko Fraser

What's a Patrick quirk? “He can recite word-for-word most of the old-time movie scripts. Everything from The Women to anything by Orsen Wells.”
Muffie Potter Aston

Pat Cleveland

How long have you known Patrick? “I met him eight years ago. He was this charismatic loudmouthed guy backstage at the shows who was always popping off shots of everybody.”
Erin Wasson

Albert Maysles

Do you always have a camera with you? “Oh, yeah. I blog. They have to see what's going on from my point of view.” —Martha Stewart

Troy Surrat

How do you know Patrick? “He showed up at my elementary school when I was doing my first fashion show. He knew who I was, and he wanted to take pictures of me.” —Esteban Cortazar

Lisa Perry

How does Patrick stand out as a photographer? “He really tries to make people look the best that they can be. That's a considerate thing to do.” —Vera Wang

Stephen Burrows

What's a good Patrick story? “He's always pulling you over to have you meet someone you already know. Once he said, ‘Kelly Catrone, do you know Robbie Catrone?’ And they had been divorced.”
Michael Musto

party lines image