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New York Premiere of ‘Sleuth’

Paris Theater. October 2, 2007. By Bennett Marcus

Jude Law and Michael Caine star in this movie. Are British men more sophisticated? “They sound that way. I have a thing for Scottish men.” Is it the kilts? “That's part of it, yeah.” —Bebe Neuwirth

Arnold Scaasi

What advice do you have for Victoria Beckham as a newcomer to America? “Get a green card!” —Joan Collins

Bobby Zarem

Are you a good sleuth? “Do you know that ‘sleuth’ is the collective noun for a group of pandas? The only thing is they're so rare these days, you won't be able to get a sleuth of them.” —Jude Law

Kimberly Guilfoyle

You've performed Harold Pinter before? “I did his very first work, and I've never done any since, which sort of pissed me off. But I finally got another chance 50 years later.” —Michael Caine

Tara Subkoff

This movie is intense. Did that wear on your husband? “He's always been able to leave the character behind. He never brings the character home.” —Shakira Caine

Ron Kass

Robert Klein

Irina Pantaeva

Was there a lot of ad-libbing? “No. Harold Pinter's script was very adhered to. He's a Nobel Prize winner; why are we going to make anything up?” —Kenneth Branagh

Lindsay Brunnock

Is it easy to make fun of British people? “I don't know if I can say anything. My father's from England.” —Katrina Bowden

Simon Halfon

This movie stars two suave Englishmen. Will they influence looks next season? “I don't think so. I hope not. Bathrobes? ” —Nicole Miller

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