PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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Cinema Society Screening of ‘Elizabeth: The Golden Age’

Tribeca Grand Hotel. October 3, 2007. By Jada Yuan

Elizabeth controlled a huge fleet. Do you like ships? “I do want to go on an icebreaking ship, if there's any ice to break, down in Antarctica. But I do get a little seasick.” —Cate Blanchett

Michael Imperioli

Anna Wintour

How do you know Cate Blanchett? “I'm actually writing a movie for her about Mark Twain and Mary Baker Eddy. If she doesn't do it, I'll cry.” —Val Kilmer

Rose Byrne

Daniel Benedict

Was the movie historically accurate? “The Armada sequence is very compressed. My subject was history, so I'm going to be pedantic about it.” —Salman Rushdie

Mamie Gummer

Rufus Sewell

Did you watch the movie tonight? “No, and thank God, because there was a power outage. Right at a crucial moment! I would have had a heart attack and died.” —Shekhar Kapur, director

Erin Wasson

Do you dress up for Halloween? “Every year I wear a real Notre Dame football uniform.” Don't you get sick of the same costume? “Do you realize how cool it is to put shoulder pads on and put football gear on?” —Tommy Hilfiger

Helena Christensen

Gina Gershon

When you watch these movies, do you just look at the clothes? “No, the costumes are so in sync with the plot. They blended in, and they were like fireworks with every emotion.” —Zac Posen

Michael Kors

Lauren Bacall

If you were king, who would you have at court? “Flava Flav. Let him be the court jester.” —LL Cool J

party lines image