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‘Business Week’ Launches Redesign

Guastavino's. October 11, 2007. By Justin Ravitz

Are you a regular Business Week reader? “If they have a bulldog on the cover, I'll read it. Which they did a few weeks ago and I read the whole thing.” —Alexis Stewart

Tonight's about reinvention. What would you like to reinvent? “The traffic outside this restaurant. I'd like to reinvent the way it's directed.” —Michael Eisner

Stacey Bendet

Hello, Mr. Kissinger. “Don't talk to me!” —Henry Kissinger

Have you ever suffered for fashion? “I broke my foot from Christian Louboutin. Seven-and-a-half-inch wedges. I only wore them for one and a half minutes.” —Atoosa Rubenstein

Jonathan Tisch

Madonna just signed a $125 million deal with Live Nation. “Dude, I could have gotten her $126 million. I'd just be like, ‘It's fucking Madonna! Give her an extra million!’ ” —Gavin DeGraw

What do you watch on NBC right now?
“Our children love Heroes!” —Suzy Welch
If you were a superhero, what would you be?
“I wish I were Jack Welch!”—Suzy Welch
“I wish I were Suzy.” —Jack Welch

Stephen Adler

How much would you pay for the Radiohead album? “I'd be willing to pay $15. There were some people who paid £40 — over $80 — who feel stronger than I do.” —Charles Goldstuck, BMG

What would you reinvent? “Airplane travel. In a thunderstorm, I was rerouted to Green Bay, Wisconsin. I had to spend the night at the Green Bay airport Sheraton and eat dinner at Denny's. It was horrible” —Liz Lange

Keith Fox

You're from South Carolina. Do you spend a lot of time in New York? “My parents used to save up to bring me here for my birthday and stuff. I love this city. I want to live here one day. I have to make some money first.” —Carmen Keigans, I Nine

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