PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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Project A.L.S. Tenth-Anniversary Celebration

The Waldorf-Astoria. October 16, 2007. By Bennett Marcus

How did you snag Jennifer Hudson to perform at this benefit? “Jennifer Hudson is a woman's woman. She's really gotten behind this whole idea of women and the brain, that we all have these brains.” —Valerie Estess

Jennifer Hudson

Why do you think celebrities are moving from L.A. to New York? “Because the air isn't filthy enough for them?” —Steven Webber

Marisa Tomei

You used to intern for Jennifer Estess's theater company, Naked Angels. “They used to make me do scuttle work and would never hire me for any of the plays. It was a great experience.” —Julianna Margulies

Michael Bloomberg

Does TMZ stalk you at home in Park City, Utah? “No. I don't think they have a branch office there, which is nice.” —Scott Wolf

Gretchen Mol

Why are celebrities migrating to New York from L.A.? “Life is about living. You exist in L.A., but you live in New York.” —Richard Kind

Gina Gershon

Who are you supporting for president? “Uh, I'm enjoying my work on WOR Radio in the mornings very, very much.” —Donna Hanover

Martha Nelson

What kinds of crazy things does Denis Leary do when shooting Rescue Me? “He's more fun than crazy. Crazy things we're asked not to mention, but he's fun every day.” —James McCaffrey

Mario Vasquez

Are the graphic sex scenes in Tell Me You Love Me uncomfortable? “Let's not kid ourselves. Sexual activity is the leading activity in private life in America.” —Jane Alexander

Kelly Wolf

Does Jennifer Hudson sing for you on the Sex and the City set? “No. We made her sing eight bars the other day. At gunpoint.” —Willie Garson

Lake Bell

Why do you think celebrities are migrating to New York? “They have a lot of money. I'd do it if I could afford it, but I'll be in Westwood if you need me.” —Greg Kinnear

party lines image