PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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BOSS Black Spring/Summer 2008 Collection

Cunard Building. October 17, 2007. By Amy Odell and Bennett Marcus

Woody Allen was here playing music. Does he wear a lot of Hugo Boss? “I don't know. He's not an arbiter like other people here.” —Ingo Wilts, designer

Kate Winslet

You're leaving so early! “My feet are screaming at me. They need to be amputated. They're saying, ‘Amputate me!’” —Kristin Davis

Cuba Gooding Jr

There were a lot of pantsuits shown. Do you wear pantsuits? “More than you would think. I think a woman in a pantsuit is incredibly powerful.” —Olivia Palermo

Maggie Gyllenhaal

What's an article of clothing your wife can't stand? “A pair of Jeff Spicoli checkerboard Van slip-ons. They've got to be eight years old.” —Stephen Baldwin

Julianne Moore

Who do you favor for president in 2008? “I'm still for Howard Dean. I worked for him, so I'm still pissed off about that.” —Joan Jett


What do women wear that turns you off? “Panty lines are always a no. Always, always, always a no. If you have to choose, no panties.” —Ne-Yo

Sophia Lamar

What do you wear when you're relaxing around the house? “Bare feet and very, very good cotton pajamas.” —André Balazs

Malan Breton

Jasmin Rosemberg

Are you a big Hugo Boss fan? “I'm not only a big fan, I prove myself in the boxing ring because I wear Hugo Boss there.” —Vladimir Klitschko

Richie Akiva

Dayssi Olarte de Kanavos

If you had a fashion line, what would you call it? “‘Aasif's Really Great Fashion Line With Big, Big Lapels.’ The lapels would have buttons of Madonna and David Cassidy. Maybe Gandhi.” —Aasif Mandvi

Bridget Helene

Kristian Laliberte

Do you wear Hugo Boss? “I've been really lucky. In the Broadway shows I've done, I've been dressed by Hugo Boss.” —Ty Jones

party lines image