PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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The 2007 National Design Awards

Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum. October 18, 2007. By Bennett Marcus

What do you wish you could design? “Places that are very hedonistic, like brothels, nightclubs, strip clubs. That would be very appealing to me, because I'm actually very demure and not that way.” —Simon Doonan

Paul Simon

Are you a fan of fashion design? “I appreciate it and I love looking at it, but if I had a choice between a great painting and an outfit, I would buy the painting.” —Beth Rudin DeWoody

Isaac Mizrahi

What would you do if you weren't a ceramics designer? “I'm basically unemployable. I got fired from every job I ever had. It was pottery or bust.” —Jonathan Adler

Amanda Sykes

If you weren't a fashion designer, what would you be? “An architect. There are parallels between the two disciplines: the client, the client's budget, the materials, the egress.” —Yeohlee Tang

Chip Kidd

Your office is in 7 World Trade Center. Do you shop at Century 21? “I've been in there. That's the most lively place in the joint” —Peter Walker

Eduardo Xol

What's your favorite building in Manhattan? “The Lehman Brothers building on Seventh Avenue. That's got electronic iconography that is now a very important medium aspect of architecture.” —Robert Venturi

Deedie Rose

Did you ever want to be something besides a fashion designer? “I thought about architecture, but I don't have the patience for it. With collections, it's every three months. With buildings, it could be years.” —Rick Owens

Caroline Baumann

Is there a site in the five boroughs you'd like to put more buildings on? “There's a site just south of the United Nations — between 38th and 41st Streets — that I'd love to put some residential buildings on.” —Richard Meier

Paul Warwick Thompson

Have there been any mishaps at your company, TOMS Shoes? “One time we shipped 200 pairs of right shoes. The store thought we were playing a joke on them.” —Blake Mycoskie

party lines image