PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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Cinema Society and Sagatiba Screen ‘Before the Devil Knows You're Dead’

Gramercy Park Hotel. October 24, 2007. By Bennett Marcus

Is it hard to watch your own sex scenes? “When you're sitting in a dark theater with your two younger brothers behind you, it's not the most comfortable situation.” —Milena Govich

Marisa Tomei

Sidney Lumet

What bothers you when you watch yourself onscreen? “I try not to do it. I just try to stay away from it.” —Ethan Hawke

Sheryl Crow

What do you think of Giuliani for president? “When he was mayor, he married my husband and I. That didn't work out well.” —Cynthia Rowley

Daniel Benedict

Lauren Bacall

What was your most uncomfortable scene? “Having to put on a Merry Widow and a G-string on my first day on set for The Associate. ‘Nice to meet you. Here's my butt.’” —Bebe Neuwirth

Richie Notar

Elettra Rossellini-Wiedemann

Are nude scenes difficult? “Of course! But you're acting, like any other scene.” —Philip Seymour Hoffman

Doutzen Kroes

American Gangster leaked on the Internet. Are you worried about piracy? “I don't have a computer, so I have no anxiety.” No e-mail? “I don't have e-mail. I don't have shit.”
Patricia Clarkson

Nur Khan

Have you ever had to gain or lose weight for work? “If somebody paid me money to gain weight, I would be the happiest boy in the world.” —Mark Urman

Hana Soukupova

What's with Giuliani's Red Sox hat? “We all like a little costume now and again.” —Dennis Basso

party lines image