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Fashion Group International's
Night of Stars

Cipriani. October 25, 2007. By Amy Odell

Are you dressing up for Halloween? “Oh, no. I always go as myself.”
André Leon Talley (GETTY IMAGES)

Jennifer Hudson(GETTY IMAGES)

What fashion rule do you always break? “Showing up at a black-tie event in a leather jacket.” —Joan Jett(GETTY IMAGES)

Hamish Bowles(GETTY IMAGES)

What's your most memorable Halloween costume? “Smurfette. I made the whole thing myself, back in the eighties when the Smurfs were big.” —Jane Krakowski(GETTY IMAGES)

Simon Doonan

Do you think you dominate fashion? “I think I am dominated by fashion.” —Jean Paul Gaultier


What will you do for Halloween? “I haven't dressed up in a million years, but my godchildren are fighting over how to dress my dog.” —Kerry Washington

Lauren Bacall(GETTY IMAGES)

What fashion rules do you break? “I have broken every rule in fashion. When I told my mother I was coming here tonight, she was laughing.” —Michael Bloomberg(GETTY IMAGES)

Linda Evangelista

What was your most memorable Halloween costume? “We always liked to get a big pair of old man's pants and stuff pillows in the bum and have a big belly. We didn't have to put a coat over it because we were insulated.” —Tracy Reese

Tomas Maier

What are you doing for Halloween? “I'm from Scotland, and for us it's completely pagan. I did see a woman on the subway picking out her costume from a lingerie catalog, but we don't switch it that way.” —Tilda Swinton(GETTY IMAGES)

party lines image