PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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Condé Nast Black Ball for Keep a Child Alive, Honoring Bono

Hammerstein Ballroom. October 25, 2007. By Jada Yuan

The invitation said ‘Dress for Bono.’ How did you interpret that? “Really? That directive didn't come from me. ” —Bono

Gwen Stefani

What do you do when you hang out with Bono? “Party! Just fucking party, man!” —Ed Burns

David Bowie

Why are there so few black models on runways? “Fashion happened. There's nothing I can do about it.” But you're Iman! “Yes, but it's not my runway.” —Iman

Bono blew in your ear! “Inspiration just blew in my ear. It was the best blow I ever got.”
Alicia Keys

Jeff Koons

Has Bono ever blown in your ear? “Not recently. I'm still holding out hope.” —Sheryl Crow

Mike Mills

You planned the menu. How did you decide? “Short ribs are good because they sit well and they put a good base down for alcohol.” —Padma Lakshmi

Do you do anything for Halloween? “I love Halloween. It's the only day I don't have to be myself.” —Sean “Diddy” Combs(GETTY IMAGES)

Do the paparazzi go after your kids? “Every now and then we're in the way of thepaparazzi … as they're trying to photograph someone else.”
Christy Turlington

Russell Simmons

How did you meet Bono? “He invited me to his hotel room, and we taught each other dance moves. We were doing an Irish jig and break dancing at the same time.” —Billie Joe Armstrong

Gayle King

What are you doing for Halloween? “I always go as a bitch. It's not that hard.” —Amy Sacco

Jeffrey Wright

Do people always slip you demos? “I usually walk home with six or seven.” Ever find an artist that way? “Never.” —Clive Davis

Wendi Deng

Did you dress for Bono tonight? “We're over in the south of France a lot. That's why I brought the light colors. I thought, ‘Bono will like this!’” —Jay-Z(GETTY IMAGES)

What's your best Jay-Z story? “You will never catch me telling a Jay-Z story. I just don't have the nerve.” —L.A. Reid(GETTY IMAGES)

party lines image