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G&P Foundation's 2007 Angel Ball Sponsored By Leviev

Marriott Marquis. October 29, 2007. By Bennett Marcus

Denise Rich is hosting this event, and she's got a huge yacht. “The most unbelievable yacht was the Trump Princess. Donald sold it to the banks when he was in certain financial difficulties. The Ivana, my yacht, is also spectacular.”
Ivana Trump (GETTY IMAGES)

Denise Rich (GETTY IMAGES)


What do you and Denise Rich do together? “The best part about Denise and I is we can go to McDonald's late at night, or we can spend time on the yacht.” —Star Jones (GETTY IMAGES)

Donald Trump Jr (GETTY IMAGES)

Jessica Stam (GETTY IMAGES)

Where do you get your jewelry? “God gave it to me.” —Don King (GETTY IMAGES)


What's the most you've ever paid for a concert? “Back in the day, we saw Michael Jackson for $35 at Giants Stadium. We were in the nosebleed section! We were outside!”

Beverly Johnson (GETTY IMAGES)

Harvey Weinstein (GETTY IMAGES)

Would Harvey Weinstein wear a Halloween costume? “Um, I don't know about that.”
Georgina Chapman (GETTY IMAGES)


Roberta Flack (GETTY IMAGES)

What's your favorite junk food? “Junk food for me would be dried fruits. I'm nuts for nuts — that's my other thing.” —Petra Nemcova (GETTY IMAGES)

Glenda Bailey (GETTY IMAGES)

Randy Jackson (GETTY IMAGES)

Why'd you change your hair color? “I'm an Aries and I get bored very quickly. There's a rainbow of colors out there; let's not just stick to brunette and blonde and redhead. How fucking boring is that?” —Joss Stone (GETTY IMAGES)

Neil Sedaka (GETTY IMAGES)

Nicole Miller (GETTY IMAGES)

Are we going to see kilts on the runways anytime soon? “I might get someone very big to wear a kilt next year. When it happens, you'll see it in the newspaper.” —Zang Toi (GETTY IMAGES)

Joan Collins (GETTY IMAGES)

Patti LaBelle (GETTY IMAGES)

Did you see Patti LaBelle? “I got here when she was performing, so I didn't see Miss LaBelle. Or Mrs. LaBelle? She's ‘Miss’ in the diva sense of the word.”

Rich Cronin (GETTY IMAGES)

Chudney Ross (GETTY IMAGES)

Have you met any real Upper East Side rich people yet? “I haven't met a Chuck yet, but there's definitely a reality in the show that's a distorted mirror image of some stuff that goes on in the Upper East Side.” —Chace Crawford (GETTY IMAGES)

Jamie-Lynn Sigler (GETTY IMAGES)

Mary Alice Stephenson

What's your favorite Halloween costume? “Clown. You can carry all sorts of tricks.”
Like what? “Squirting flowers, Bacardi.”
Jason Lewis

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