PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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Scleroderma Research Foundationís ‘Cool Comedy, Hot Cuisine’

Carolines on Broadway. November 6, 2007. By Dan Amira

What do you hate more: scleroderma or being interviewed? “Theyíre both running neck and neck at this point.” —Gilbert Gottfried

Katie Couric

Kelly Ripa

Whatís your favorite episode of Full House? “There was a donkey that got an erection because there was air-conditioning, and then it did its business on the floor.” —Bob Saget

Dana Delany

Bryant Gumbel

Whatís your favorite thing to call Jeff Garlin on Curb Your Enthusiasm? “ A fat fuck.”
Susie Essman

Jeff Zucker

Caryn Zucker

Who are you voting for? “Starting a year ahead of time is a bit like starting a marathon really early. Itís a lot of foreplay. Ask women; at a certain point you get numb. ” —Robin Williams

Tory Burch

Bobbi Brown

Caroline Hirsch

Did you have any sex scenes with Sharon Stone in your latest movie? “Itís unfortunate: She plays my mother. But I tried to write one in.” —Jimmy Fallon

party lines image