PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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Museum of Moving Image
Honors Tom Cruise.

Cipriani 42nd Street. November 7. By Jada Yuan

Can you still spin liquor bottles like you did in Cocktail? “Yeah. Yeah! Yes, I can. I went to Croatia or somewhere, and a guy asked me to get behind the bar and I was spinning with him. I broke a bottle or two. I tried!” —Tom Cruise

How are you feeling after the marathon? “Iím really tired.” Trouble walking down stairs? “My quads! I was walking like an old lady. ” How many miles did you run during training? “Six to ten a day. ” —Katie Holmes

Julianne Moore

Thoughts on Giuliani as the Republican front-runner? “His intolerance, his aggressive nature when you disagreed with him, his allowing certain divisions of the Police Department to round up young black men indiscriminately in wide circles to find peopleóheíd be a disaster for our country.”
Tim Robbins

Ellen Barkin

Oliver Stone

Which of his movie skills does Tom Cruise use in real life? Sucking blood? “The sucking-blood thing hasnít featured into our relationship. But heís very dexterous.” Does he do cartwheels on the street? “Not necessarily, but if a trampoline is at hand, heís very much able to use it in a way that I envy. ” —Ken Branagh

Amy Sacco

Has Tom ever flown you in his plane? “Years ago, when we were working together. ” Were you scared? “That wasnít my experience.”
Ron Howard

Dennis Paul

Coralie Charriol Paul

Could Tom Cruise take you? “Oh, yeah. He was a champion wrestler. Did you know that? In school he was this killer wrestler, even though heís got that smiley, happy face. ” —Brian Grazer

Sophie Sutton

A.J. Calloway

Whatís your Tom Cruise connection? “I was in Eyes Wide Shut when I was 13.” Were you naked? “No, I was in a bra. I didnít even have boobs. I had silicone things in the bra. I wasnít one of the ladies, but I got to touch him and his silk vest was very soft.” — Leelee Sobieski

Adelina Wong Ettelson

Paula Wagner

Whatís your favorite guilty-pleasure Tom Cruise movie? Risky Business. That was definitely part of my formative years, seeing him in his boxers.” —Amy Ryan

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