PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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‘Self’ magazine hosts the New York premiere of ‘August Rush.’

The Ziegfeld Theatre. November 11, 2007. By Ben Kawaller

Have you ever played a musical instrument? “Yes, I played the saxophone, and I've been asked to stop. It sounded like a whale having sex. Once one surfaced briefly and looked.” —Robin Williams

Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Do you play cello in real life? “ No, but I learned for four hours every day to play these pieces. But it was no easy task!” —Keri Russell

Are you friends with other child actors?
“A bit, yeah.”
Dakota Fanning? “I met her once in L.A.; she was very nice. I also know Daniel Radcliffe quite well. He's a great guy.” —Freddie Highmore

Anastasia Brown

Where'd you get your hat? “This place called J.J. on 31st and Fifth Avenue. And the outfit was made by David August.” —Terrence Howard

Andrew McCarthy

Have you started your Christmas shopping? “I have a lot of nieces and nephews, and this year instead of buying them gifts, I'm making charity donations in their names. They're gonna be so pissed off!” —Tamara Tunie

William Sadler

Did you like playing a slave on Rome? “I loved it! They were putting cuts on me, and I was like, "Give me more makeup!" I wanted to look, like, disgusting.” —Coral Amiga

Sammi Hanratty

What's the craziest thing your 5-year-old does? “Not stuff I could ever repeat in an interview! She's very hyper. She's like Robin Williams as a 5-year-old in drag.” —Kirsten Sheridan

Peyton List

Who are the coolest kids on Nickelodeon? “Miranda Cosgrove, she's pretty cool. And JJ from Just Jordan.” —Leon G. Thomas III

Jen Kuhn

What was your favorite musical-theater role? “Well, I played Annie. I was always a big Les Miz fan as well. I dreamed a dream.” —Bonnie McKee

party lines image