PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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‘Out’ 100 Awards.

Cipriani Wall Street. November 9, 2007. By Bennett Marcus

Do you think itís still really tough in the music business to be gay or lesbian? “I donít think so, but Iím not gay or lesbian. But I stick up for gay rights, and I support all of my gay friends. They know Iím a listener.” —Kelly Rowland

Tim Gunn

Mary-Louise Parker

Do you ever cook? “I make tuna salad. I chop the spring onions and the celery very, very well, and I put it with tuna fish and mayonnaise and pepper. More than that, I canít do.” —Marc Jacobs

Jennifer Hudson

Bebe Neuwirth

Does it confuse your husband that you hang around with gay people all the time? “No. He loves it! I told him, ‘They wonít take your lady, theyíll just give you fashion advice.’” —Tori Spelling

Dean McDermott


Whatís Anna Wintour like? “Sheís the most nurturing, most amazing person in the world. And she is the most supportive person to anyone that is doing something that she loves.” What was it like meeting her for the first time? “Oh, really intimidating!” —Thom Browne

Annie Lennox

Gina Gershon

Youíre like the Ellen ofÖ “The judiciary. Hey, I dance better than her, and I dress much better than she does.” —Judge David Young

Chad White

Lady Bunny

Do you think that for men itís an advantage to be gay in the theater? “No, itís an advantage to be straight in the theater. An attractive straight man in a Broadway show has his pick. [Pause.] Well, so do the gay boys, but you knowÖ” —Bryan Batt

party lines image