PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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2007 National Book Awards
Ceremony and Dinner

Marriott Marquis. November 14, 2007. By Tim Murphy

Have you ever pretended you read a book you never read? “Oh, yeah. Virginia Woolf. I've never read her. And Infinite Jest. I have an opinion on the first 200 pages.” —Sherman Alexie

Christopher Hitchens

Are you and Oprah chatting after your contretemps of a few years ago? “We were talking every second Monday for a while, but it's dwindled down to every couple of months.” Are you joking? “Take that how you will.”
Jonathan Franzen

Cindy Johnson

We just read that The Bluest Eye is one of the most-challenged books on school reading lists. Feelings? “My sister wouldn't let her children read it. I never thought that was a children's book. How do you talk about incest to a child?”
Toni Morrison

Edwidge Danticat

Should Britney Spears write a memoir? “I don't think so.” Why not? “Not everyone's a writer.” Who should write a memoir? “Look—I can't take this anymore.” —Joan Didion

David Kirby

Your latest novel was inspired by Walt Whitman. Is he sexy to you? “Yes, because he was such a great artist. I've been known to get all hot for certain men who aren't technically attractive. Let's just say I would do Walt Whitman.”
Michael Cunningham

Jim Shepard

Do you ever fake having read a book? “No. I'm not the ingratiating type. And I'm a bookworm.” Should Britney write a memoir? “I think no one should ever write a memoir again.” —Fran Lebowitz

Ellen Bryant Voigt

Sara Zarr

You say you read two books a night for your show. What's the key? “Going at variable speeds. With fiction, you have to read carefully for at least the first part, because it's all about the style.”
Terry Gross

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