PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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CFDA/‘Vogue’ 7th on Sale 2007 Gala

69th Regiment Armory. November 15, 2007. By Amy Odell

Are you here to shop? “Whatever she wants Iíll buy.” —Tommy Hilfiger Do you have a budget? “God, no. I got the card.” —Dee Ocleppo

Anna Wintour

So are you getting calls about a reality show? “I think a couple of people have inquired Ö Iím really into the idea. I just think that everyone in my office would quit.” —Marc Jacobs

Ralph Lauren and Ricky Lauren

Kate Bosworth

Do you ever watch people shop in your stores? “I used to do it all the time. And really kind of observe how people are responding emotionally and otherwise to their shopping experience.” —Kenneth Cole

Diane Von Furstenberg

Jennifer Connelly

What do you think of the writersí strike? “I heard a slogan that they were saying: ‘No subtext till we get our checks.’ I thought that was really funny. But on a different level.” —Parker Posey

Michael Kors and Bette Midler

Elle Macpherson

Is there anything here in particular you need for the season? “Yes. All of it.” —Blake Lively


Peter Som

Are you shopping on a budget? “No budget. Never a budget. Like any proper woman.”
Lake Bell

Paul Bettany

Bernadette Peters

Do you have a budget? “Do I have a budget? No.” Do you ever shop with a budget? “No, no, I donít really think about that. Thank God. [Laughs.]” —Natalie Vodianova

Liv Tyler

Jacquetta Wheeler

What are you working on now? “Right now I just launched a burlesque version of Swan Lake. The best part is I had an orchestra play it dirty, play it raunchy. So itís burlesque music.” —Dita Von Teese

Carolina Herrera

Rogan Gregory

What do you think Project Runway has done for the fashion industry? “I canít go anywhere without ĎDo you know somebody from Project Runway?í They donít care if you know anyone at the magazines.They want to know if you know someone from Project Runway.” —Stan Herman

party lines image