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35th International Emmy Awards

New York Hilton. November 19, 2007. By Bennett Marcus

Have you ever seen yourself dubbed in a different language? “I've seen myself in Desperate Housewives in Czech. The worst part was I actually thought the guy who did my voice-over was better than me.” —Roger Bart (GETTY IMAGES)

Al and Tipper Gore (GETTY IMAGES)

Would you prefer to be picketing with the writers in L.A.? “Last week was tough. The rain was really, really tough. It washed out the marching. But it's actually kind of neat. I didn't realize there were so many writers in New York.” —Eric Bogosian (GETTY IMAGES)

Kirsten Bell (GETTY IMAGES)

Robert De Niro (GETTY IMAGES)

Have you ever seen yourself dubbed in a different language? “I've seen myself talking in Icelandic. That's quite amusing. I've met the man who dubs my voice in Italy. ” —Alan Cumming (GETTY IMAGES)

Gloria Reuben (GETTY IMAGES)

You say American TV dramas are better than British ones. Why? “Jews. I say that as a Jew. You need so many Jews to have good writing on TV. We don't have enough in Britain.” —Stephen Fry (GETTY IMAGES)

Carol Bouquet (GETTY IMAGES)

Is it weird to see The Bold and the Beautiful dubbed? “They try to get voices that are close to the actors' voices, but in Germany mine sounded about ten years older than I really am, and a little bit deeper, which is not a bad thing. ” —Drew Tyler Bell (GETTY IMAGES)


30 Rock isn't shooting. Are you out picketing? “No, I haven't picketed. I did a play reading for an Off Broadway comedy last week, and then I take improv classes, acting classes. ” —Katrina Bowden (GETTY IMAGES)

Sam Waterston (GETTY IMAGES)

Ashley Jones (GETTY IMAGES)

What does Elmo like about traveling around the world? “It's wonderful to go to these different countries and meet people all around the world that love the show. It's been really cool.”
Elmo and Kevin Clash (GETTY IMAGES)

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