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2007 New York Film Critics Circle Awards

Spotlight. January 6, 2008. By Bennett Marcus and Jada Yuan

What's the weirdest review you've ever gotten? “A feminist talked about how my character and my dance was what was wrong with women today — at a dinner-theater performance of Brigadoon.” —Amy Adams

Daniel Day-Lewis

Have you ever confronted a critic?
“I confronted one because he came to a press lunch for a film that I knew he hated. There was really good free food, and it was in Cannes.” —Sarah Polley

Javier Bardem

Will you confront any critics tonight? “No! Not a good idea. They outnumber us.”

Ruby Dee

Any memorable bad reviews? “For all I know, every review I've ever gotten was good. Somebody screens them for me.” —Peter Sarsgaard

Maggie Gyllenhaal

Do you miss any TV shows because of the writers' strike? “I have an antenna on my roof that turns. We only watch what comes over three channels.” —Campbell Scott

Ellen Barkin

Your movie, The Lives of Others, got an Oscar last year and was honored by the NYFCC this year. Which is better? “The sublime snobbery of New York intellectualism — to be deemed worthy by people who are part of that, it makes me happy.” —Florian Henckel Von Donnersmarck

Amy Ryan

Do you have any suggestions for surviving Sundance? “Bring long underwear. You'll want a cute hat, a really sexy one.” —Patricia Clarkson

Sidney Lumet

Do you read reviews? “Even when they say something good, it stays in your mind, so when you get to that point [in the play], you remember it and it trips you up.” —Olympia Dukakis

Steve Buscemi (GETTY IMAGES)

What was your worst review? “The first movie I produced was called Angels Hard As They Come. It was a motorcycle movie. It got about two inches in Variety, and it was essentially an obituary. So it's been all uphill since then.” —Jonathan Demme

Your movie Persepolis is animated. Do you play video games? “Animation is not a genre; it's just a medium. I made a movie that happened to be drawn.” —Marjane Satrapi

Any unusual responses to your film No End in Sight? “At Sundance, MC Hammer said he wanted to use some footage of the film.” Did he? “No, but it was certainly delightful to get an e-mail from MC Hammer. It was entitled ‘Hammer Time.’”
Charles Ferguson

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