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New York Premiere of HBO's ‘The Wire’

Gotham Hall. January 6, 2008. By Amos Barshad

Did you worry that the show couldn't find an audience for so long? “It wasn't that just the people didn't get it, we didn't get it! We'd sit around watching the show the first season going, ‘Who the fuck is that?’” —Dominic West (McNulty)

Sonja Sohn

Why are cop shows usually so dull? “Bad writers and bad American stereotypes ingrained in our heads. Even though they're really bad, we kind of like them because it reminds us of something weird and American.” —Reg E. Cathey (Norman Wilson)

Amy Ryan

You play an assassin. Are people surprised that you're nice? “First, they're disappointed. Second, they're surprised. And then they get happy. They're like, ‘Oh, you're a really good actor!’” —Gbenga Akinnagbe (Chris Partlow)

Deirdre Lovejoy

Are people caught off guard when they see you in person? “I would hope so. When I walk around and people are yelling ‘Bubbles,’ I feel like I need to take a shower or that I look like a junkie.” —Andre Royo (Bubbles)

Richard Belzer / David Simon

Did you interact a lot with people in Baltimore? “One day craft services was late, and a lady brought me out some water and some chicken.” —Anwan Glover (Slim Charles)

Melanie Nichols-King

What makes a good post-Wire project? “Umm … broad comedy. Maybe even farce. A lot of slamming doors and mistaken identities.”
Seth Gilliam (Carver)

Michael Kenneth Williams

You had a part on Entourage last season. How was that? “I love doing comedy. I came in there, I caused havoc, and I left.” —Domenick Lombardozzi (Herc)

Clarke Peters

You're a heavy drinker on the show. How do you prepare for that? “Not one time did we ever imbibe alcohol on set, not one time. When they cut, we went to the bar and got practice.” —Wendell Pierce (Bunk)

party lines image