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Bulgari Presents National
Board of Review Awards

Cipriani. January 15, 2008. By Jada Yuan and Bennett Marcus

Juno got snubbed at the Golden Globes. Were you disappointed? “I've been blogging nonstop about Sweeney Todd because I'm obsessed with it. Maybe I boosted their chances. Maybe I'm directly responsible for us not getting the Golden Globe. Fuck me!” —Diablo Cody

Ellen Page

What did you just say to Julian Schnabel? “I said, ‘Congratulations!’ and he said, ‘You haven't seen my movie, have you?’ I hadn't, so either he's a good director or I'm a really bad actor.”
Michael Douglas

Catherine Zeta-Jones

You just called out Michael Douglas for not seeing your movie. “I didn't call him out! I can just tell if people have seen the movie or not. He'll see it when he gets around to it.” —Julian Schnabel

Glenn Close

Where were you when you got your Golden Globe for Ratatouille? “I was at home trying to find which channel had it.” —Brad Bird (GETTY IMAGES)

Do you do anything to calm down during awards season? “I try to get a good night's sleep, but that's kind of a vain project.” —Tilda Swinton

Josh Brolin

What happens if your editing pseudonym, Roderick Jaymes, gets nominated for an Oscar? “I'd love it. But he's very old — late 80s, early 90s. I don't know if he'd make the trip.”

Javier Bardem

Are you over awards shows? “I was never under them, you know.” —Julie Christie

Tommy Lee Jones

Is it any fun to go to an awards show when you know you've already won? “You just go to be gracious, because there's someone honoring you and to not show up would be pretty rude.”
Casey Affleck

Jennifer Garner

Your brother, Casey, says you were harder on him than others in Gone Baby Gone “Casey perceives trying to murder him as an act of violence. He's very sensitive.” —Ben Affleck

Emily Mortimer

Will you campaign for anyone? “I support Barack Obama. Campaigning for people harms them. Oprah helps, but actors don't help.”
George Clooney

Lauren Bacall

Are you endorsing anyone for president? “I don't want to pop off now. I've got enough built-in hostility because I'm thought of as a liberal.”
Phil Donahue

Marlo Thomas

Now that The Great Debaters is a hit, do you ever get starstruck? “I was excited when I saw Kate Winslet. Love her!” —Jurnee Smollett

Are you backing anyone for president yet? “It's called a race. The end of the race is in November. Somebody could trip and fall in October.” —Denzel Washington

Mike Wallace

You have a new baby. How's she doing? “She's probably lying there staring at the ceiling.”
Tim Burton

Jesse L. Martin

There were four sex dolls used in Lars and the Real Girl. Ryan Gosling has one, and the director has another. Where are the other two? “I was not the Bianca wrangler. But I'm sure they're happy wherever they are.” —Nancy Oliver

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