PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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Chanel Fine Jewelryís
‘Night of Diamonds’

Plaza Hotel. January 16, 2008. By Justin Ravitz

The Plaza just reopened the Grand Ballroom. Whatís your craziest hotel memory? “I had a very crazy experience here, but I canít tell you. It was basically the first night I met a person I was in a relationship with many, many years ago. And, um, it was quite something. ” —Helena Christensen

Chris Ivery

Thereís a rumor that George Clooney might run for governor. “I heard Ben Affleck is going to run for Senate. Heís got that Reagan-esque quality about him.” —Josh Lucas

Ellen Pompeo

People have criticized Gossip Girlsís realism. What do you think? “Weíre definitely not your average New Yorkers. Which is a blessing.”
Penn Badgley

Selma Blair

Simon Hammerstein

Have you ever been thrown out of a hotel? “No. We got fined for smoking, though.”
Leigh Lezark, MisShapes

Tory Burch

Whatís your worst hotel moment? “When I was 19, I was in a hotel and couldnít find my blankie anywhere. So I called the manager to help me find it. He came upstairs thinking I was 12.” —Kate Mara

Hana Soukupova

Do you have any outrageous hotel memories? “In Costa Rica, my friend and I picked the hotel last minute out of the phone book. Iím pretty sure it was actually a brothel, and it was infested with cockroaches.” —Julia Stiles

Barbara Bush

So is Christian Bale putting his body through hell to be in your Terminator movie? “He never gets fat. He gets extraordinarily muscular, and then he gets emaciated. Heís such a serious sonofabitch.” —McG

Eric Ripert

How are you spending your hiatus from Gossip Girl? “Doing Fashion Week in Paris. Itís my first time. You gotta go big or go home, right?” —Blake Lively

Erin Wasson

Candace Bushnell

Gilles Bensimon

Zani Gugelmann

Who are you supporting in the election? “I make a point not to talk my politics. Itís probably pretty obvious.” —Ed Burns “It is? Who?” —Christy Turlington “Well, at least what party weíre going with.” —Ed Burns “Oh, right. Weíre Democrats!” —Christy Turlington

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