PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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Old Navy Debuts the New Old Navy

Eyebeam Atelier. January 30, 2008. By Amy Preiser

Do you ever run into real-life Gossip Girl kids? “These kids said, ‘We are you guys in real life!’ I said, ‘Iím sorry to hear that.’” —Chace Crawford

Hayden Panettiere

The designer Chris Benz used to intern for you? “When he interned with us, we didn't even call people interns yet. We lived in a studio apartment.” —Richie Rich and Traver Raines

Kirsten Bell

Would you give up a front-row seat at Fashion Week? “I would give up my seat for Barack Obama, but not for Mitt Romney.” —Damien Fahey

Paula Garcés

Are you more excited for Fashion Week or the Super Bowl? “I watch football every Sunday with all my guy friends from work. Itís not nearly as special as Fashion Week. That only comes a few times a year.” —Sophia Bush

Cooper Boone

Youíre a big cupcake fan. Whatís your favorite New York cupcake? “Crumbs! I cut them into quarters. I love the peanut-butter ones and red velvet.” —Blake Lively

Callie Thorne

Thereís a new Tyra Banks reality show about becoming an assistant fashion editor. Any advice? “Stay away from nasty receptionists. They go for blood.” —Becki Newton (GETTY IMAGES)

Natasha Bedingfield

Would you give up your front-row seat at Fashion Week? “If someone really, really wanted it, Iíd just sit on their lap. ” —Kelly Killoren Bensimon

party lines image