PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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Marc Jacobs Fall 2008 Fashion Week Show and After-party

February 8, 2008. The Armory. By Fiona Byrne

You were practically on time tonight! “We were ready to start ten minutes before, but we had to wait for the audience. ” —Marc Jacobs

Lil' Kim

Were you late to the show? “I missed it and heís one of my best friends and I literally almost burst into tears at the gate. ” —Rachel Zoe

Justin Theroux

You gained twenty pounds for a movie? “I did, and I havenít lost it yet. I definitely have more of a tush, but I donít have any bones showing anymore. ” —Selma Blair

J. Alexander

Who are you working with on your new album? “Iím not saying nothing this time. I donít want someone like Fergie to make the record before I do. ” —M.I.A.

Richie Rich

Why are you here? “Marcís one of the few designers I actually want to hang out with. ” —Helena Christensen

Padma Lakshmi

Did you make it to the show? “We were stuck in traffic missed it. But the music sounded great! ” —Karen Elson

Robert Duffy

Would you like to see Marc with a reality-TV show? “God, we have reality every day. Do we have to have more of it on TV? ” —Debbie Harry

Kim Gordon

Were you surprised to see the Goo cover on the gift bags? “I didnít get a goody bag. I was really bummed. ” —Thurston Moore

Daniel Benedict

Why are you so hoarse? “Screaming like a fraternity boy for an hour when the Giants won didnít help. ” —Sophia Bush

Andrew Saffir

You had a run-in with Victoria Beckhamís bodyguard? “This is a free country. Nobody has to move for Victoria frickiní Beckham. ” —Michael Lucas

party lines image