PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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East Side House Settlement Gala

Mallet Antiques. February 13, 2008. By Maridel Reyes

This party is a preview of the auto show. Are you into cars? “I love cars. And there are so few events eligible men actually go to. ”
Melissa Berkelhammer

Henry Neville

Have you changed your spending habits because of the recession? “I use euros. We are from Europe, so at least we are lucky.” —Fe Fendi

Steven Jacoby

What's the fastest you've ever driven your Ferrari? “The speedometer is in Italian. ”
Tatiana Platt

Campion Platt

How fast do you drive? “My brother calls me grandma whenever I get behind the wheel, so apparently not that fast.” —Gillian Minter

Nazy Nazhand

Are you cutting spending because of the recession? “I live in midtown, so I can't leave my apartment. If I walk out my door, I'm in Bergdorf or Barneys.” —Tana Dye

Darlene Marone

Have you experienced any grand romantic gestures? “Some mistake that I married spelled my name in rose petals.” —Emma Snowden Jones

party lines image