PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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The (RED) Auction

Sotheby's. February 14, 2008. By Bennett Marcus

Will you bid on a romantic gift for your boyfriend tonight? “We're not going to buy each other $5 million paintings, I'll tell you that.” —Michael Stipe

Ziyi Zhang

You're a Radiohead fan. Did you pay for their last album? “I like paying for music. I think music's too cheap.” —Bono

Ali Hewson

Dennis Hopper

Is there anything you'd like to bid on here? “Damien Hirst is my favorite. It's too expensive!” —Roberta Armani

Russell Simmons

What's your favorite piece tonight? “Damien Hirst's.” Will you bid on it? “I'm not even close to that category.” —Queen Noor of Jordan


Do you overbid at auctions? “I need somebody to help control me once I get started.”
Christy Turlington

John McEnroe

Liya Kebede

Will you be on SNL again? “I think I broke it. That was the last show they did before the writers' strike.” —Brian Williams

Porschla Coleman

Damien Hirst's piece is a big hit. “ Bono gave him a few too many drinks. By the time he woke up, he had agreed to a lot.” —Bobby Shriver

party lines image