PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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‘New York’ Magazine's Oscar Party

The Spotted Pig. February 24, 2008. By Darrell Hartman

Do you have a favorite actor? “Ken Watanabe. That man is divine. I was ready to learn to roll sushi. ” —Phylicia Rashad

Jonathan Ames

Your head used to be shaved. Did you like that? “I find it quite sexy. You get to touch your whole head.” —Alan Cumming

Lauren Ambrose

Have you performed live in New York? “My first show in New York was in Washington Square Park. I was on a unicycle, escaping out of a pair of handcuffs. I made $20.” —Eddie Izzard

Deborah Schoeneman

Are you a fan of Daniel Plainview's mustache in There Will Be Blood? “I like mustaches on men. I tend to date guys with beards and mustaches. I think it's really sexy, as long as it's groomed. Not hippy-dippy — sexy.” —Kate Schelter

Lloyd Grove

Have you ever made a public fashion faux pas? “That one time I showed up naked by accident. I was lied to. Let's leave it at that.” —Gbenga Akinnagbe

Gigi Stone

What was your favorite part of American Gangster? “When Ruby Dee slapped Denzel! It's a mama's job. She slapped his ass.” —Debbie Allen

Nick Denton

Who do you hope will win tonight? “I'm hoping there's a write-in portion so I might actually win one for my work in that movie I was supposed to get but didn't. ” —Gaius Charles

Dan Abrams

Julian Schnabel wears pajamas everywhere. What about you? “Stay comfortable. Up until I came here tonight, I was in a full onesie.” —Diane Neal

party lines image