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New York Screening of ‘Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day’

Tribeca Grand Hotel. March 2, 2008. By Bennett Marcus

Was PETA annoyed that you wore fur in this film? “They weren't outside protesting, so I think we're okay for now.” —Amy Adams (GETTY IMAGES)

Frances McDormand (GETTY IMAGES

You have a nude scene in the movie. How was that? “The silk sheets were kind of clingy.” —Tom Payne (GETTY IMAGES


You play a pianist in the film. Do you play in real life? “I can't. I learned how to fake it for this. I practiced on a keyboard drawn on a bathroom counter.” —Lee Pace (GETTY IMAGES

Morgan Freeman (GETTY IMAGES

Jane Alexander (GETTY IMAGES

Did you feel intimidated about working with Joel Coen's wife? “There was a fantastic day when I had Joel on my left and James Schamus on my right. I was shouting ‘Action!’ and ‘Cut!’ really loud.” —Bharat Nalluri (GETTY IMAGES

Rufus Wainwright (GETTY IMAGES

Steve Buscemi (GETTY IMAGES

Did you have any economic surprises when making Miss Pettigrew? “They changed the tax deals in the U.K. as we were about to green-light the picture. It killed us. Oops!”
James Schamus, Focus Features (GETTY IMAGES

Andrew Karpen (GETTY IMAGES

Ciarán Hinds (GETTY IMAGES

What was your initial reaction to the novel? “I didn't want to read it. It was a period British book, and I had just done a period British film — and I'm from New Jersey.” —David Magee, screenwriter (GETTY IMAGES

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