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HBO Hosts the New York Premiere of ‘John Adams’

MoMA. March 3, 2008. By Justin Ravitz

How much of this history did you know before being in this movie? “I knew nothing. I am one of the young generations that were not sufficiently taught history.” —Eva Amurri

Peter Gallagher

You wrote the book this film is based on. Any surprises on set? “Fantastic food! These guys that work on movies really eat well! I would weigh 400 pounds if I was in the business.” —David McCullough

Ashleigh Banfield

You worked 120 days with only one day off. How else did you suffer? “I didnít suffer very much. I had a trailer.” —Paul Giamatti

Morgan Freeman

How much did you suffer for authenticity? “Weíre dressed for below-zero weather, with these huge woolen clothes, a hat and wigs and prosthetic nose, makeup — and itís 100 degrees out there!” —David Morse

Mamie Gummer

Do you buy the notion that the media is biased toward Barack Obama and against Hillary Clinton? “Not at all. Candidates get the responses they deserve, pretty much.”
Morley Safer

Jenny Conant

In The Da Vinci Code, you declined to wear the red turtleneck and tweed jacket like the character in the book. “That red turtleneck canít last a whole movie, man.” —Tom Hanks

Maggie Rizer

Laura Linney broke out in song when you met her? “She said she watched 1776 the musical seventeen times. She sang two or three songs as we walked down the streets of Telluride with our cappuccinos.” —Tom Hooper, director

Steve Kroft

What do you remember most from studying history in school? School House Rocks! “Iím just a bill, Iím only a bill.”” —Josh Charles

Bob Balaban

In both John Adams and Damages you play a slimy southern gentleman. Whoís your model? “At first I had James Carville in my head, then an exaggerated Tennessee Williams.”
Zeljko Ivanek

Jeff Bewkes

Do you go to Williamsburg or other “history comes alive”–type places? “Theyíre always slightly depressing. Being an actor, youíre ten seconds away from doing that kind of stuff.”
Justin Theroux

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