PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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Mercedes-Benz ‘House of BlueTec’ Launch Party

Splashlight Studios. March 18, 2007. By Bennett Marcus

Do you drive fast? “I'm an Asian driver. I drive slow and cautious.” —Alexander Wang

Sheryl Crow

Do you drive? “Who needs to drive in New York? I can see why people don't have fun in L.A., because you have to drive. I can see why everyone gets arrested all the time for drunk driving.” —Chris Benz

Byrdie Bell

Amy Poehler did you on SNL. What's that like? “I just peed in my pants, it was so funny. I can't even do an impression of myself.” —Christian Siriano

Grasie Mercedes

You're getting a car. Where will you park it? “In Staten Island at my boyfriend's parents' house. We'll take the Working Girl ferry over and drive out of town.” —Richie Rich

Emma Snowdon-Jones

Do you drive? “My boyfriend has a Mercury Mariner hybrid. I rear-ended somebody a month ago.” —Traver Rains

Kate Schelter

Do you drive? “I've been in the city so long that I'm afraid I'm going to run someone over.” —Jeffrey Costello
Do you drive to the Fairway in Brooklyn?
“Of course! That's the most important. ” —Robert Tagliapietra

Fabiola Beracasa

Patrick McDonald

Do you drive fast in New York? “It's impossible to drive fast in the city. ” —Fern Mallis

Derek Blasberg

Do you like to drive? “I used to drive a lot. But now my husband drives me around.” —Tinsley Mortimer

Robert Verdi

Damien Fahey

You're moving to New York. Will you miss driving? “I don't love to drive. I love to walk. ” —Zoe McLellan

Jeremy Kost

You drive without a license? “A tractor on my ranch in Texas.” You're from a Texas ranch? “I'm not from a ranch. I have a ranch.” —Leven Ramblin

party lines image