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The Cinema Society and Piaget Host Screening of ‘Flawless’

Tribeca Grand. March 24, 2008. By Bennett Marcus

What do you think of Governor Paterson? “At least Spitzer had the sense not to go to a Days Inn. I know Paterson's blind and didn't know any better, but at least his dates should have. If someone took me to a Days Inn, I would never put out.”
Carson Kressley

Irina Pantaeva

In the movie, Demi Moore plays an executive facing the glass ceiling. Have you ever faced age discrimination? “My first job was at a café. I was 13. They thought I was 16, so they gave me the job and I became the manager. I ran it for a year and a half after school.” —Amy Sacco

André Leon Talley

Are you going to Israel for Passover? “No, Miami. We're having an amazing Passover there, for Kabbalah.” —Donna Karan

Derek Blasberg

Is there anything you'll miss about Shea or Yankee stadiums? “Home plate at Yankee Stadium.” —Bruce Willis

Tallulah Willis

How did you prepare for the accent? “Every time I would think, ‘Okay, I really got it,’ [the director] would say, ‘I think that's a little too English’ and I'd think, ‘Oh my God, you're killing me!‘”
Demi Moore

Joe Pantoliano

Glenda Bailey

How is Demi Moore's accent in the film? “She does absolutely correctly an American who's lived in England for fifteen years. If anybody disses her accent, I shall get really cross.” —Michael Bradford

Debbie Harry

What do you think of the new governor? “He's been a big supporter on all of our work to change the drug laws.” —Russell Simmons

Porschla Coleman

Marc Jacobs and Jason Preston may have split. Who would you fix Marc up with? “Le McQueen!” Alexander McQueen? Why? “Because it would be hilarious. Two powerhouse gays.” —Christian Siriano

Olivia Palermo

What are you going to do while you're in New York? “I might go to the Russian bathhouse. Jews like to shvitz. Do you get naked? “No. There's a lot of freaks in there.” —Pauly Shore

Emma Hemming

Marcus Schenkenberg

Have you ever lost a job? “When I was an intern at Tocca, I burned through a sample. They had me heat transferring crystals though three-ply cashmere. It was impossible. That was my last day.” —Zac Posen

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