PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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The Cinema Society and Calvin Klein Host a Screening of ‘21’

IFC Center and Mercer Kitchen. March 26, 2008. By Bennett Marcus

Had you been to Las Vegas before filming? “No. I was more and more corrupted by the sort of craziness that goes on there. By the end of it, I had gambled pretty much every day for six weeks.” —Jim Sturgess

Mary-Kate Olsen

How much time can you spend in Vegas? “I'll go for two days, and then I'm out. For this film, it was about four to six weeks.” —Kate Bosworth

Clive Owen

Are nerdy guys hot? “I like nerdy guys. The big beefcake guys don't have a lot going on besides their looks. That's nice at first, but you can't last very long with someone like that.” —Katrina Bowden

Elle Macpherson

Calvin Klein

Did you play blackjack at the party here tonight? “It's fake! What's the point of standing at a table all night if all you can win is toilet paper?” —Jamie Burke

Helena Christensen

Italo Zucchelli

Is blackjack your game? “Oh, yeah. I'm learning some new techniques.” —Martha Stewart

Catalina Sandino Moreno

You wrote the book and consulted on the movie. Are you a gambling addict? “I've actually been gambling less, because I know what it takes to win: a lot of practice and a lot of math skills.” —Ben Mezrich

Julia Stegner

Dana Brunetti

Do you spend a lot of time in Vegas? “For two days, and that's it. You gamble, you have the strip clubs, and then you've got to go.” —May Andersen

Tatum O'Neal

Mamie Gummer

You were portrayed as a nerd in the movie. You don't seem nerdy. “The blackjack world helped it wear off. It was a necessity to be good at blackjack to have a little bit of confidence.” —Jeff Ma

Hana Soukupova

Jessica Joffe

Do you gamble? “It doesn't do much for me. But I like watching movies about gambling.” —Mick Rock

Olivia Palermo

Charlotte Ronson

You did a same-sex love scene recently. How do you prepare for that? “Practice, practice, practice. ” —Tom Cavanagh

Maggie Rizer

Andrew McCarthy

Did you learn anything from the movie? “I'm going to try counting at some dump in Atlantic City.” How's your math? “Therein lies the problem.” —Lonny Ross

party lines image