PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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Natural Resources Defense Council's ‘Forces of Nature’ Gala

Cipriani 42nd Street. April 1, 2008. By Bennett Marcus

What do you do to make the Waverly Inn a green business? “It's green on the outside. It's painted green. It's the best we could do with something that old.” —Graydon Carter

Laurie David

What are you doing to reduce your carbon footprint? “We're driving a hybrid. That's such a cliché.” —Tom Freston

Christine Quinn

Michael Bloomberg

Do you miss having Tim Gunn at Parsons? “He's an emeritus member of the faculty, so we get the glory of Tim Gunn without the cost.”
Bob Kerrey

Amanda Burden

Chevy Chase

So Madison Square Garden is staying put? “To use the basketball metaphor, there's still several quarters left to play in this game.” —Dan Doctoroff

David Granger

Frances Beinecke

You're building a new store across from the Ralph Lauren flagship on Madison Avenue. “That's going to be a four-story flagship, kind of like the Twin Towers facing each other.” —David Lauren

Daniel Tishman

Robert F. Kennedy

What's the scariest story you've ever done? “For a story about bee-colony collapse disorder, we were around half a million bees.” —Sam Champion

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