PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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The Cinema Society and Nicole Miller Screen ‘The Life Before Her Eyes’

IFC Center. April 15, 2008. By Fiona Byrne

You're looking more and more like your mother, Susan Sarandon. “We don't look alike. We both have big boobs, that's it!” —Eva Amurri

Tim Robbins

Is it hard to watch your daughter, Eva Amurri, onscreen? “When my siblings have gone to see movies where something's happened to me, they've run out of the theater. So far I haven't experienced any of that.” —Susan Sarandon

The French are introducing a low-cal Champagne. Will that affect the party scene? “The models will love it.” —André Leon Talley

Hana Soukupova

Olivia Palermo

Where would you take the Pope on his visit? “I'd take him to a karaoke bar and make him sing Joan Osborne's ‘[What If God Was] One of Us.’”
Evan Rachel Wood

Judah Friedlander

Milena Govich

Were you stranded by American Airlines? “In the Bahamas. They said, ‘We're missing a piece of our engine. Everyone's getting off.’ We were there two extra days.” —Emmy Rossum

What should the Pope do while he's here? “He should totally go to the Prada store. Or get discount Pradas at Century 21, in case times are tough.” —Carson Kressley

Porschla Coleman

Russell Simmons

How's your new resort line? “I wore the things from last year to St. Barts and I knew what I was missing and what I wanted this year. ”
Nicole Miller

Narciso Rodriguez

Have you ever served on a jury before? “I was kicked off a jury for my attitude. They selected me and I said, ‘Oh, shit, I don't want to be on the jury,’ and they sent me home. ” —Andrew McCarthy

Uma Thurman

What was your worst travel experience? “In Jamaica we had to drive for three hours with a really stoned driver.” —Helena Christensen

Irina Pantaeva

A French winery is introducing a low-cal Champagne. “Yuck. Low-calorie French Champagne? You'd think that would have come out of America.” —Amy Sacco

party lines image