PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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The Cinema Society and Michael Kors Screen ‘Iron Man’

Tribeca Grand and the Odeon. April 28, 2008. By Jeff Wilser and Jada Yuan

There was hooting and hollering in the audience tonight. “You discovered my plants.” How many people did you hire? “Hire? Half my bloodline was here.” —Robert Downey Jr.

What would your superhero outfit look like? “I'm so wrapped up in being the superhero's love, I can't even imagine! ” —Liv Tyler

Michael Stipe

What superpower do you want? “The ability to get home after traveling for three weeks around the world. I'd love to be Sleep-In-My-Own-Bed-Man.” —Jon Favreau

Gwyneth Paltrow

Who wins in Iron Man versus the Superdelegates? “They'd form a league called the Super Folks. They would make sure it all works out.” —Jeff Bridges

Diana Ross

What would your superhero outfit look like? “I'd probably be a little Zoro.” —Michael Kors

Tory Burch

Are you prepared for the comic-geek onslaught? “I'm just preparing to get into the War Machine suit. That's next time!” —Terrence Howard

Nicole Miller

Who wins in Iron Man versus the Superdelegates? “Doesn't the government always win?” —Malin Akerman

Zac Posen

Your fiancé, Howard Stern, is a big comic-book geek. “He saw my outfit and said, ‘Figures. You're dressed in red and gold.’ He told me Iron Man wears red and gold. I was ready to change. ” —Beth Ostrosky

Sidney Lumet

How'd you like the movie? “There was no nudity. I wanted to see [Robert Downey] nude. I thought that was what I was coming to see.” —Steve Guttenberg

Famke Janssen

Who does Robert Downey play in your upcoming movie? “He plays an Australian Method actor who takes the role of a black sergeant in a Vietnam movie.” Is it a deep commentary on race? “It's a deeper commentary about Method actors who do douche-y things to try and win Oscars.” —Justin Theroux

party lines image