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HBO Premiere of ‘Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired’

The Paris Theater and Plaza Hotel. May 7, 2008. By Alisa Gould-Simon

You made this documentary. Did you have Roman Polanski's permission? “No. Initially I sent him a fax and I didn't hear back. That was five years ago.” —Marina Zenovich, director

Alec Baldwin

What are you working on now? Dragon Ball, based on a manga comic. I got to dye my hair blue, ride a motorcycle and shoot lots of guns.”
Emmy Rossum

Dustin Hoffman

What was the first Polanski movie you saw? Rosemary's Baby. I saw that when I was really little on an airplane flying to London. It kept me up for about three months or so.” —Julianna Margulies

Griffin Dunne

Glenn Close

What's your next project? “I'm writing a new fantasy film based on a book I read to my son, The Ranger's Apprentice. It talked about the terrors of growing up, so I'm looking forward to that.”
Paul Haggis

Ashleigh Banfield

Julian Schnabel

If you could remake a Polanski film, which one would it be? “I would not remake any of his movies, especially the one I like best, The Tenant.” —Michel Gondry

Barry Levinson


How'd you like the movie tonight? “They did a good job, but after a while, I thought, ‘Let's get to the bottom of this story.’ It was a little long, I thought.” —Regis Philbin

Samantha Geimer

Sidney Lumet

Your new movie, Tenure, is about college professors. Did shooting it make you miss college? “We were shooting at Bryn Mawr, and it's such a beautiful campus. I thought, ‘If I could go back to college, this is where I'd want to go.’”
Gretchen Mol

Lasse Hallström

Do you know Roman Polanski? “The first film that Focus Features ever acquired and released was The Pianist. This was like watching the backstory to one of the greatest film experiences of my life.” —James Schamus

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