PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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New York Premiere of ‘Sex and the City’

Radio City Music Hall. May 27, 2008. By Jada Yuan and Bennett Marcus

Who were you excited to see here tonight? “I saw Big and gave him the evil eye.” —Fergie

Chris Noth

What happens to Stanford Blatch in your version of the sequel? “I get a sex change and Carrie gets a sex change. We go off and get married in Amsterdam, as was always meant to be.”
Willie Garson

Sarah Jessica Parker

What's your favorite bag? “Omigod. I have so many. I'm a bag ho, like Louise.” —Jennifer Hudson

Cynthia Nixon

What happened when you went back on the set? “Anne Meara told me I looked old.” Did she tell anyone else they looked old? “Come on! You want me to get punched?” —David Eigenberg

Kim Cattrall

What clothes did you want to steal from the movie? “The studded belt! Carrie wore it nine times! Also, I cried four times.” —Molly Sims

Michael Patrick King

You're dating Traver Raines's brother, who grew up on a ranch. Is he a real cowboy? “Not as much as Traver — he doesn't wear the hat.”
Lydia Hearst

Kristin Davis

In four years when you do a sequel, where will these women be? “I hope it'll be less than four years.” —Darren Star

Candace Bushnell

Did you turn down anything to play Magda, Miranda's nanny? “I turned down a play by a very promising young man — Shakespeare.” —Lynn Cohen

Ashley Olsen

Why are you here? “I was on one episode. I'm one of the rejects. On the show and in life.”
Bradley Cooper

Mary J. Blige

Have you ever done a sex scene? “I just did one for a Logo series. It will do more for turning straight men gay than anything on film.” —Caroline Rhea

Nicole Miller

Who are you dressing for the CFDA Awards? “You know that's bad luck!” Bad luck? “That's when they don't wear the dress. Everybody thinks it's your dress and it's somebody else's awful dress, and you're embarrassed and they're pissed off. ”
Narciso Rodriguez

Patricia Field

What's the raciest thing you talk about with your friends? “The sexiest part of their boyfriend's body. It's not what you think it is.” —Emmy Rossum

Gina Gershon

What was dating like when you first came to the city? “Not nearly as glamorous. We'd do straight shots of tequila, water back, at McHale's. Then later we moved to whiskey.” —Christine Ebersole

Michelle Williams

You scored the movie. What's the best song to have sex to? “Mahler's ‘Adagietto.’ I implore you to listen to it. It will kill you.” —Aaron Zigman

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