PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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party lines image

‘Animal Fair’ Magazine’s Paws for Style

Arena. July 15, 2008. By Maridel Reyes

Do you take your dog with you everywhere? “She came to my parents’ in Florida and shit all over my father. But he has Alzheimer’s disease so he forgot! He forgot I’m gay, too.” —Robert Verdi

Frances Heyward

Will your dog have a role on The Hills? “Oh yeah. She’s just stealing the screen.” —Lauren Conrad

Jodie and Diane Fanelli

Did you have any trouble with your human or dog models tonight? “There’s no cats here. We don’t need any catfights.” —Wendy Diamond

Hillary Cruz

Ramona Singer

Does your dog mind being dressed up? “When he first put this on, he looked at me like, ‘You’re not serious, are you?’ But he’s resigned.” —Richard Belzer

Lauren Glassberg

Who do you really want to sing with? “Adam Sandler.” —Nikki Blonsky

Maria Kanellis

Do you dress up your dog often? “This is the first time he’s ever worn clothes. This morning I did catch him with his paw down his throat. Because he knew he was a model.” —Emma Snowdon-Jones

party lines image