PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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Universal Premieres ‘Mamma Mia!’

Ziegfield Theatre. July 16, 2006. By Bennett Marcus

What was your first reaction to seeing Pierce Brosnan in Lycra bell-bottoms? “I thought, ‘I hope for this man's sake that he does not run into Daniel Craig on the way to the Bond stage this particular morning.’” —Colin Firth

Meryl Streep

Who best pulled off the tight outfits? “Pierce owned it. Colin was so nervous.” —Amanda Seyfried

B.D. Wong

Do you have advice for other non-singing actors in musicals? “Act as though you can sing.” —Pierce Brosnan

Keely Shaye Smith

What was your reaction to hearing that Meryl Streep was cast for this part? “Can she sing?” —Benny Andersson (GETTY IMAGES)

Mamie Gummer

What was your reaction to hearing that Meryl Streep was cast for this part? “This is going to be a movie, after all.” —Björn Ulvaeus

Is Pierce Brosnan a good dancer? “It was amazing to dance with 007. ” —Ashley Lilley

Whose performance was most fun to watch? “Colin Firth looked like a depressed meerkat for the first couple of weeks of rehearsing. I enjoyed watching him cringe his way through the songs.” —Dominic Cooper

Tina Maddigan

Are you a big Abba fan? “Since this morning, I’ve been listening to it all day.” —Coco Rocha

James Lipton

Who were you most shocked to see in a jumpsuit? “Colin Firth. You would never expect that from Mr. Darcy of Pride and Prejudice.” —Rachel McDowall

How would you describe Pierce Brosnan's singing voice? “Kris Kristofferson hanging out at Tom Waits's house.” —Gary Goetzman, producer

Christine Baranski

Is it hard working with actors who aren't singing? “The challenges were less about singing than about how to make a movie.” —Phyllida Lloyd, director

When was the last time you spontaneously burst into song? “In the cab on the way here. I was afraid we were going to be late. When I get nervous, I sing songs.” —Jason Butler Harner

Kathie Lee Gifford

What did Meryl Streep do to prepare for this role that surprised you? “The associate choreographer said ‘Maybe you’d like to practice three times a week,’ and she said, ‘No, seven.’” —Judy Craymer, producer

Rita Wilson

Have you ever had a role that made you feel like a fish out of water? Wedding Crashers. At my age, to be topless with Owen Wilson touching my breasts—that was out of water.” —Jane Seymour

party lines image