PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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Cinema Society and John Hardy Host a Screening of ‘Blindness’

Chelsea Cinemas. September 22, 2008. By Bennett Marcus

There’s a lot of fake poop in this movie. What’s it made out of? “Um … I’m not going to go there, man.” —Julianne Moore

Danny Glover

Your character was blind. Did you ever fall during rehearsal? “At one point I had misplaced my bag, and then I couldn’t find it. I thought someone had purposely taken it to push the exercise to another limit.” —Mark Ruffalo

Irina Pantaeva

Julianne Moore wouldn’t talk to us about the poop. “She’s more discreet than I am. But we all went there.” —Don McKellar

Kiera Chaplin

All the actors played blind characters. What were rehearsals like? “We did a lot of rehearsals in a blindfold.” —Alica Braga

Olivia Palermo

Did you lose your luggage on the way to Milan Fashion Week? “Never the jewelry, because the jewelry is always with me. If the rest gets lost, it doesn’t matter.” —Guy Bedarida, designer

Gina Gershon

What would you prefer to never see again in New York? “The garbage.” —Judith Light

Francisco Costa

Some California voters are trying to ban the same-sex marriage legislation. “America should try to ruin as many lives as possible, because the Bush administration is doing so well at it.” —Fred Schneider

Meredith Ostrom

What do you wish you didn’t have to see people wearing? “Crocs. Now that it’s getting colder they’ll have to abandon them, or do something even more heinous, which is wear them with socks.” —Carson Kressley

Is there anything in New York you wish you never had to see again? “Rats.” —Narciso Rodriguez

Fernando Meirelles

Has the economic situation made anyone scale back their Fashion Week plans? “People are going to have to buy a lot of nice new clothes to go on all the job interviews that they need to.” —Fern Mallis

party lines image