PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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Project A.L.S. ‘Tomorrow Is Tonight’ Benefit Gala

Waldorf-Astoria. October 7, 2008. By Jada Yuan

My friend signed up for your ‘Great Schlep,’ but no one's gotten back to him. “Well, why doesn't he just go to fucking Florida? What does he need? A Website?” —Sarah Silverman

Jon Stewart

Will Sarah Silverman’s ‘Great Schlep’ work on Jewish parents and grandparents? “I don’t know. We’re a very strong-willed people.” —Ben Stiller

Christine Taylor

Sarah Silverman threatened her grandparents with no more visits if they voted for McCain. Would you change your vote if threatened like that? “My grandchildren are very young. They can’t threaten me.” —Jerry Stiller

Jane Alexander

Would Sarah Silverman's ‘Great Schlep’ affect the way you voted? “First of all, I would never live in Florida.” —Anne Meara

Julianna Margulies

Donna Hanover

Will Sarah Silverman's ‘Great Schlep’ campaign convince people to vote for Obama? “I don't know how you can convince an old person in Florida about anything.” —Matthew Broderick

Ray Kelly

What's your worst nightmare? “That John McCain becomes president and Sarah Palin becomes vice-president. That's my nightmare.” —Gina Gershon

John Slattery

This event is going on during the debate. What are you missing? “Right now Obama's saying, ‘Will you just shut up, you old fool?’ Right now McCain is saying, ‘Could you go get me my car?’” —Chris Rock

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