PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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Saks Fifth Avenue Launches ‘Key to the Cure’

Top of the Rock. October 14, 2008. By Helin Jung

Have you cut back on spending at all? “I haven’t been on Net-a-Porter this whole month!” —Beth Ostrosky

What will you do if McCain wins the election? “It’s going to be kind of an abomination. I don’t want to get political. People yell at me. ” —Christian Siriano

Jane Krakowski

You were in a hair-product shoot for Sebastian. Is it a pain to be a hair model? “After day four, I was like, ‘No one’s allowed to touch me.’” —Charlotte Ronson

Samantha Ronson and Lindsay Lohan

While you were dressing for The Rachel Zoe Project, there was a flood! “I didn’t even know! I just remember coming in and them saying, ‘Oh, we had a little trouble in the studio, so we’re just going to try on the gowns in this room today.’” —Debra Messing

Blythe Danner

What are your plans for election night? “I’m going to have a bottle of Champagne in case Obama wins. If it doesn’t happen, I’ll smash it over my head.” —Peter Som

Stephanie Seymour

Has the recession affected you at all? “I’ve invested in real estate. When I was 17, I bought my first home, and then I kept rolling it in to the next home, and then I moved to New York. So far I’m okay.” —Lindsay Price

Bethenny Frankel

You’re a dermatologist. Are people cutting back on cosmetic procedures? “We’re busier. If you’re competing with a younger group of people for a job, you need to look as good as you can.” —Lisa Airan

Star Jones

Would you like to see the financial crisis written into Gossip Girl? “It’d be great to see Bart go through a bit of a thing.” —Kelly Rutherford

Kelly Bensimon

Your recent win at the Burger Bash was considered a huge upset. “I saw that somebody asked for a recount. I mean, it’s a burger, for the love of God!” —Katie Lee Joel

party lines image