PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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party lines image

World Premiere of W.’

Ziegfeld Theatre. October 14, 2008. By Jada Yuan

What’s President Bush’s next move? “He’ll build a library with nothing in it.” —Oliver Stone

Josh Brolin

When your husband, Josh Brolin, talked like George Bush at home, was it annoying? “I found it very charming and winsome.” —Diane Lane

Jeffrey Wright (Getty Images)

When studying for your role of Dick Cheney, what did you learn? “He never tried to persuade you. He just made a statement. If you didn’t believe what he said, that was your problem.” —Richard Dreyfuss

Julia Stiles

What should George W. Bush do next? “Go sit on his ranch. He’s very good at it.” —Colin Hanks (Getty Images)

Rosie Perez

Should George W. Bush do any last-minute pardons? “He may have to pardon himself.” —Michael Gaston

Ellen Burstyn

What’s your role? “Ari Fleischer. I play the bald guy. It’s me or David Cross.” —Rob Corddry

Stanley Tucci

You worked with Oliver Stone on Alexander. Does he have any idiosyncrasies? “You know how a legal notepad already has thin lines? He would write two sentences per line.” —Rosario Dawson

Thandie Newton

Who would you cast in the movie of this election? “Will Smith as Barack Obama. Can John Goodman lose a bunch of weight and play John McCain?” —Jesse Bradford

What should Bush’s next move be? “Get a good lawyer. I hope they wind up in jail.” —James Cromwell (Getty Images)

Jonathan Demme

What should Bush do next? “He needs to pray for forgiveness for what he’s wrought. But he’s probably just going to saw down some trees. I picture a mixture of prayer and lumber work.” —Rufus Wainwright

Cedric the Entertainer

Jon Stewart compared Sarah Palin to Jodie Foster in Nell. Who does McCain remind you of? “Richard Dreyfuss in What About Bob?. He’s a little angry, and everybody bothers him.” —Elizabeth Banks

Ted Danson

How would you design the Bush library? “A vast open space with tumbleweeds going through. Like one of those streets in Westerns where there’s no one around and the tumbleweeds are blowing.” —Aasif Mandvi

party lines image