PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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Chanel Mobile Art Opening Party

Rumsey Playfield, Central Park. October 21, 2008. By Maridel Reyes

What was your best Halloween costume? “I was just wearing a suit. Everyone thought I was just dressed as me but didn't believe I was me. ‘Oh yeah, you're dressed like the Strokes guy, I get it.’” —Albert Hammond Jr.

Agyness Deyn

What should happen with this structure after the exhibit is over? “They should give the pod to New York and let homeless people live in it! You could live in a Chanel purse.” —Jackie Astier

Zaha Hadid

What will your Halloween costume be this year? “My dear, for me it is Halloween all year over.” —Karl Lagerfeld

Kate Bosworth

Jackie Astier said the homeless should live in this structure after the exhibit. “That would be the epitome of New York City: high and low.” —Kate Schelter

Helena Christensen

Have you ever loved a purse enough to make art out of it? “No, I’m not that creative. I’m reverential of them, but I haven’t created any installations in my home out of them.” —Sarah Jessica Parker

Padma Lakshmi

Have you ever had a Halloween disaster? “I've only had Halloween successes.” —Zac Posen

Jeff Koons

What do you do to take care of yourself? “I'm a bath girl. I'm a scrubber.” —Eve

Cynthia Rowley

Are you doing anything to cut back because of the economy? “I don't think I could get any lower.” —Genevieve Jones

party lines image