PartyLines- photographs by Patrick McMullan

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Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation Celebration

Cipriani Wall Street. October 22, 2008. By Bennett Marcus

You had a scene on Gossip Girl. Is Ed Westwick morphing into Chuck Bass? “I got to meet Chuck—uh, sorry, Ed. He was the nicest guy.” —Nastia Liukin


People are getting laid off these days. Have you ever been fired from a job? “I got fired from the movie Ant Bully. But it was great because I got paid all the money, and I never had to speak about being an ant.” —Alan Cumming

Katrina Bowden


Are you worried about losing your job? “My father’s always told me if I didn’t perform he would fire me in a second.” —Donald Trump Jr.

Ivana Trump

Vanessa Trump

How bad is your shoe habit? “It’s unfortunate when you have a shoe habit and you only get things that are above $600. You kind of need to stop.” —Christy Carlson Romano

Nina Garcia

Denise Rich

You got in a fight with Aubrey O’Day because you said in an interview that she had fake breasts. “I don’t know if they’re fake or they’re real or anything. I was just speaking from assumption like everybody else.” —Donnie Klang

Evan Handler

Star Jones

You’re so elegant. Do you ever wear Halloween costumes? “All the time. I was Captain Hook last year.” —Dennis Basso

Hana Soukupova

Clive Davis

What brings you here tonight? “To tell everybody to vote on November 4. Vote for McCain. Psyche!” —Patti LaBelle

Sarah Ferguson

Christina Milian

Does the art market slump in a bad economy? “Art is the new gold. Art is going to save the world—it’s becoming like currency.” —Hunt Slonem

party lines image